Reeling in the Future was founded in 2016 by Matt and Darren with a simple goal.  “Give youth, who have not had an opportunity to fish, a chance to experience Creation through fishing.”  We have been blessed with the opportunity to experience God’s Creation through fishing since a young age and we believe that there is no better way to experience Creation than by fishing.  Being near the water, seeing the reflection of a sunrise or sunset, riding up and down on waves, and of course, feeling the tug on the line from a fish, is what it is all about.  It is filled with emotions: anxiousness, excitement, frustration, joy, and confusion, to name a few. 

There are so many things about fishing that some people never get the chance to experience.  Reeling in the Future wants to pass this experience on to as many youth as possible.  Maybe fishing is not everyone’s favorite pastime but there is no denying that it teaches some invaluable lessons and skills, all while enjoying some time on the water. 

Each youth that goes fishing receives a rod and reel, tackle box, and various tackle to get them started.  A typical outing consists of about 5 youths being on a pontoon with Matt and Darren.  We give a short lesson on how to use the fishing equipment they just received and the basics of fishing.  We then head on the water.  The next few hours are filled with catching fish, sharing conversation, and new experiences. 


This past year, Reeling in the Future has been able to take over 20 youth on a fishing outing at no expense to the youth.  They all walked away with fishing equipment, a shirt, and an open invite to contact us to go fishing again.  To date, every single participant has caught at least one fish.  We don’t want this to be a one-time thing.  We want to show that fishing has a lot to offer, and we want to do everything we can to demonstrate that.

Reeling in the Future holds an annual fishing tournament to raise money.  It is a great day full of fishing, companionship, healthy competition, and prizes.  We are always looking for more participants and donations for prizes and fishing equipment for the youth. 

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